Origin election

The ‘Retailer of the Year’ election is a big consumer election, which takes place in different countries in Europe. The elections have their origin in the Netherlands, where the first edition took place in 2003. Three years later the elections were also organized in Belgium. Today the 'Retailer of the Year' elections are organized in three European countries. Every year, (online) retailers in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands compete for the ‘Retailer of the Year’ award/title in their respective countries.

The concept is originated from the desire of consumers to share their opinion on their favourite (web)shops. The main purpose of the elections is to generate positive (media)attention for retailers and to give more insight into the consumers opinion about a (web)shop.

Hundreds of thousands of consumers gave over hundreds of thousands reviews about their favourite retailers in the most recent edition of the elections. They rate the retailers on their performance on different aspects, for instance price level, quality of products and service. The retailer with the highest score will win the award of (online) retailer of that year in their category and country.